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According to Volunteer Weekly:

  • “Volunteering leads to better physical wellbeing. With most of us working in desk-bound jobs, volunteering provides avenues for getting out. It keeps us active. Once I spent an entire day painting a wall at a children’s learning centre and while my legs and hands were hurting by the end of it, I felt much more active than I do even after a one hour run.
  • Volunteering leads to better emotional wellbeing. Feeling good about ourselves is important for staying happy and healthy. Science shows our brains reward us powerfully when we do something selfless for others. Seeing our skills and time bettering someone else’s life enriches our sense of purpose in life.
  • Volunteering leads to better mental wellbeing. Volunteers are able to better manage and lower their stress levels. It takes our mind off our own problems. It will be difficult to have any negative thoughts when you see a child smiling at you (especially when you know you had something to do with that smile) or when you have your hands in soil planting a tree.”
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